What is ExtraCHM?
  • ExtraCHM is a full-featured, modern eBook reader for viewing the Compiled HTML (chm) documents
  • Supports Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • You may copy the extrachm.exe file to a portable USB and use without installation

Free Features of ExtraCHM
  1. Multi-tabbed user interface
  2. Bookmarks on pages and text selections
  3. Decompiling of chm file. This converts chm to html
  4. Changing the size of the text even for fixed size texts
  5. Zoom of entire content
  6. Application view styles
  7. Print and save of document pages
Features Available for Registered Users
  1. Advanced search
    • Introduces search results in a way Google Search does
    • Does not require search index presence in CHM file
    • Supports CHM files of any language
  2. Text To Speech
    • Reads chm documents in natural voices
    • Uses Microsoft SAPI 5.1